2019 and more Neu Adventures

Many of us love adventures. For many of us life is an adventure every day. If you have a child, significant other, pet or deal with people, many of your days can be or become an adventure. Adventures can be great, can be hard, can change you or give you a perspective you never had before. We expect and even hope that 2019 can be that for us as a family.

We are planning to sell our house, get rid of our stuff (well, most of it), pack up our carry-ons with two checked bags each, get on a plane, and fly over the ocean.  We expect to end up in ESwatini, formerly Swaziland, eventually but know the journey will take us a bit of time. We will be partnering with the Adventures In Mission team already on the ground in eSwatini. They are investing their lives to help address some of the complex issues that are facing the country of ESwatini. We’re excited to share our stories and adventures along the way and hope that you find it interesting.  Feel free to follow along, comment and subscribe.

We hope to bring you more soon.  Here’s to 2019!!!

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