On the last leg

Well, the final few days of our journey around Swaziland has taken us many different places and allowed us to experience quite a number of different situations.  Ingrid has become friends with Wisile, a Swazi nurse. She has asked her a million questions and we were invited to join her for the day as she travelled out to a very remote care point in an area we’d never been before. She meets with all the kids, does some health education, and gives some medication and vitamins. She will do some minor medical trouble shooting and gives aid to the ladies who run the different care points and check on everyone to make sure that all who attend the care point are getting the attention they need. It’s great to watch her work and be there to assist in any way we can.

We travelled to the Lesibovu care point that feeds and cares for between 250 and 300 children.  It’s amazing how far many of these kids walk just to get a meal and access to water for the day and again I’m reminded how easy it is to turn on a tap and open the fridge. Mbuso is the shepherd here.  He cares for the kids, makes sure the care point runs and is the man. It’s great to watch him with the kids, making sure they are all getting what they need and organizing the place. It is a big care point and keeps getting bigger. He has a lot on his plate but has been faithfully carrying it for the last few years.

A couple of other things as we thing back over the last few days. *Ingrid and I keep trying to capture the beauty of these hills and the landscape but our pictures just don’t cut it. We will still post them. *I’m really starting to get the hang of the left side of the road.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense but I got it 🙂   *Was able to get up close and personal with a monkey. I only got a picture of one up close cause the big one was a little mad at me.  *Ingrid and I had an opportunity to visit a pretty big waterfall. Again the pic doesn’t do it justice. *Oh yeah, we got really stuck in a remote part of Swaziland in a “Dry” riverbed.  Good thing there was 6 of us in the van and the van was really light. My only regret is we didn’t stop to get a pic before we pushed it out.

Well, that’s about all for now. Looking forward to sharing some more as we go forward.




2 thoughts on “On the last leg

  1. Seems like ages since you left!! Wow so much packed into 2 weeks! Had a great day with your boys yesterday and we can’t wait to see you soon! Love the beautiful pics! mom xo


  2. What beautiful places and faces you have captured in photos… The green! The clouds! And all the kids so joyful that you are there to play. Wonderful things.
    Thanks, both of you, for sharing your days with us. It gives me a better idea of the happenings and heart you have for this corner of the planet.
    Much love to you as you wrap up your time, and travel home with fresh eyes.
    What a celebration to have your whole crew back together again!


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