Overcast Yet Bright

Today was our first full day in Swaziland. We’ve had a chance to connect with our friends over the last day and a half. We were quickly brought back to each of our last trips. 

Manzini is the city we’re staying in which at the moment is in full Friday night party mode with significantly bass driven music just down the street. We had a chance to connect with some of the team here today and were able to talk all things Swazi. 

One really cool surprise was in our trip to Bhobakazi.  Bhobakazi is one of the care points that both Ingrid and I got to spend some time at on our visits.  It also happens to be where our sponsor child (special friend), Temanfulini, is and she greeted us right away with a big smile.  She spent a ton of time with us and was quite affectionate with Ingrid. Temanfulini was only 2 when Ingrid was here last and for Ingrid to see how much she’d grown was great.  Such a great time.  But the really cool surprise was that we got to visit the care point and see my friend, Mdudize, and it was his birthday today.  Mdudize is the shepherd for the care point and he help to oversee the carepoint.  I had an opportunity to really connect with him a couple years back and he was floored that I was there… AND on his birthday.  The Mullins family here had brought him a cake but, even in my protest, he seemed to give me the credit 🙂 

The weather here has been really cold. By that I mean it’s like a decent spring day in Canada and I’m still wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops but it’s … “cold”. It’s been raining and overcast but that can be a good thing in a country that has seen some serious drought in the past. We got enough light and a touch of sun today that the evening was starting to feel quite nice and it’s starting to get a bit sticky.

Well, after a full day our mood is bright and we have a lot to look forward to tomorrow as we join the team at a carepoint family day where we get to help cook a bunch of meat on the grill… that is if we make it down the partially washed out road (I was told I may not want to wear flip flops tomorrow). For now, it’s time for bed. Enjoy some pics below if the internet works 🙂

4 thoughts on “Overcast Yet Bright

  1. WONDERfull! Ingrid surrounded by little ones; a familiar sight! So glad you had a full and joy filled day reconnecting with your friends and this land. Blessings and Love to you two!


  2. I was wondering why my e-mail didn’t “notify” me of this new post! So glad I checked! So great to see your wonderful smiling faces! Dad & I are praying for you and your whole family everyday! I am getting stronger every day! PTL!! So thankful! I talked with your boys on Friday! All 3 of them sounded so good and are having a great time!! Yay! Today is Sunday and I’m home again 😦 Can’t wait till I can go again! Love you guys soon much and keep on having a great God adventure!! mom xoxoxox


  3. SO COOOOOOL!!! Got Mom to show me the blog and the pics, and it really looks exciting and like you’re having a great adventure. Gonna see if I can get added to the list to get notified whenever you post something new. So glad you get to do this.



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