Ingrid and I are sitting in a shuttle, driving through South Africa, towards Swaziland.  4-5 hours doesn’t sound so bad after two long flights.  We’re excited to be doing this together after both taking separate trips. We’ve had lots of time to talk and looking forward to a bunch more time over the next 10 days or so. Our goal, to experience real Swazi life or at least just a taste of it.

I love that our driver is impatient.  Zig Zagging this way and that, at a leisurely pace of 123 km/hr in his big 12 passenger van with a loaded trailer.  I get this guy and he’s going to get us there faster than expected. Swaziland is usually at a relaxed pace… except for driving.  At least those that I’ve had the opportunity to drive with have the need for speed.

I’ve got zero pics from today so I’ll just post a couple of our “tourist” photos, from a whirlwind London stopover, for the kids.

2 thoughts on “Landed

  1. Ah! The Love-Birds on their grand adventure! i LOVE IT!!! We’re so glad you are getting this opportunity! Drink in every moment! Create some awesome memories!….and give big hugs-and-hi’s to all our friends in Swaziland! – t


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