Neu Adventures: YWG-YYZ-LHR-JNB

Well, we’re off on our 2 week trip.  Ingrid and I were talking and figured out that the most time we’ve ever spent away, just the two of us, in over 13 yrs is 3 nights.  This time together is a gift.  It’s a crazy awesome gift.  Thanks to all those who have given of their homes, their time and have supported us as we journey.

It’s been a great day so far.  All the wee ones are off to their host families.  Ellie had a chance to fly with us for the first time on a commercial airplane.  *it should be noted that our good friend, Blake Anderson, was her first ever pilot when he took us up in a float plane on one of the most epic adventures ever.  Thanks Blake*  What does someone do on their first commercial flight?  They watch the informational (what if we all crash) video intently (see image below).  She was welcomed by the airline staff and had an opportunity to hang out on the flight deck in the captain’s chair.

After dropping Ellie off with our friends, the Andersons, and a good airport lunch and visit, we are now sitting in Toronto’s Terminal 3 waiting for our flight to London.  We are excited about the journey and all that is ahead.  I hope to keep updating and posting part of our trip but we’ll have to see what turns our trip takes.

Till later… hopefully.

One thought on “Neu Adventures: YWG-YYZ-LHR-JNB

  1. Excited for you guys! Have a great adventure together! We love you soooo much and praying for you and the kids here at home everyday! Mom xo


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